Architectural structures

Site One offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic towers and monopoles for locations requiring a greater degree of environmental sensitivity or to enhance the urban environment and make a positive contribution to the architecture of city centres, business parks, public areas and new developments.

Shrouded Monopoles – a slim and elegant structure capable of accommodating multiple antennas. In the example shown, the blue antenna shrouding material compliments the brown monopole. The unit is available in a range of heights and colours.

Tri Tower – this is an attractive tower solution ideally suited to a modern business park or public areas. The colour scheme of the tower structure and screening material can be chosen to blend with the environment and cables are positioned within the tower legs to maintain a clean appearance. The triangular tower is available in several configurations up to 30m in height.

Custom and Multi function towers / monopoles – Site One can supply a full range of structures with multifunctional uses. As well as blending into the environment, these structures can also have other uses such as advertising or lighting, which could offer an additional source of ongoing revenue. The Multifunction Pole (left), Shrouded Pole (right) and Totem Pole (centre) are well suited to retail and business park use. The Totem Pole is a clad lattice tower, with RF translucent material at headframe level. All of these structures can accommodate multiple antennas.

Unique Structures – Occasionally there is a requirement for something very special. Site One can offer a turnkey service to design and build custom structures to match client, end-user, local authority and architect requirements. The example below shows a multifunctional stadium floodlight tower equipped as a multi-user base station structure.