Guyed Masts

Guyed Masts


Lightweight Aluminium Guyed Mast

A lattice aluminium guyed mast system, designed for ultimate flexibility in design, manufacture and installation. The system comprises high quality extrusions in high grade 6082 TF aluminium alloy, using stainless steel bolts and all galvanised steel guys and guy fittings. The design allows low volume, high-density packing specifications for ease of shipping, and inland transportation (especially for remote sites). Sections can then be easily assembled on site.


  • Dimensions: 3050mm long sections giving optional heights of 3.05m to 61m
  • Face width 375mm
  • Section weight: 11.8Kg
  • Materials: High grade Aluminium Alloy 6082F
  • Stainless Steel Nuts/Bolts
  • Finish: Natural or Painted to Specification


The mast is climbable and easily erected using a ‘jib stick’ or ‘rising derrick’ as shown.



Steel Guyed Masts

Typical uses are for wind recording and as an antenna support structure where greater height is required at lowest cost. All these masts are composed of welded triangular lattice sections which come in 3m or 4m sections bolted together on site. All have climbing steps on one face and can be fitted with a fall arrestor. All steel is galvanised to EN1461. The mast is normally erected using a using a ‘jib stick’ or ‘rising derrick’. Foundations can be conventional mass concrete, piles or driven anchors and sections can be painted if required.


S400 Mast

  • 400mm face width
  • Up to 60m in height


S500 Mast

  • 500mm face width
  • Up to 80m in height


S750 Mast

An Uprated Version Of The S500 Mast


  • 750mm face width
  • Up to 100m in height


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