Lattice Towers

Lattice Towers

Site One design, manufacture and install freestanding lattice towers and masts across the UK. Our Angle Steel or Tubular Steel Lattice Towers are typically used for broadcast, mobile, microwave, radar, wind measurement and wireless broadband. Choose from our standard solutions (up to 80m) or use our design to manufacture a bespoke solution. We offer full project management services from site acquisition & planning permission to foundations and installation.  Our experienced team of managers, designers, fabricators, and installers will look after the entire process from start to finish.


Types Of Lattice Towers


Angle Steel

Made from individually bolted angle steel pieces, these towers and masts are ideally suited to larger towers. Angle steel is most commonly used for the construction of Electricity Transmission Towers


Tubular Steel

Solid tube is slim for low visual impact and has high load carrying capabilities. Hollow tube is the strongest and lightest solution used for the tallest towers in the UK.



Freestanding towers or truss towers are generally larger at the bottom than the top but require a smaller footprint than a guyed structure. The tallest in the world is the Kiev TV Tower, Ukraine at 385metres, the most famous being the Eiffel Tower, Paris.



Very tall, slim and the cheapest to construct but rely completely on guy wires to provide stability. Commonly used for TV broadcast antenna’s. A Partially Guyed tower is a free-standing tower with an additional guyed mast added to the top.

Lattice Tower Features

  • Freestanding standard lattice towers up to 80m in height (custom designs for other heights)
  • Designed to recognised British Standards BS8100, EIA222 and Eurocodes
  • Galvanising to EN1461
  • Antenna mounts and brackets to suit dish, sector, omni and other antenna types

Lattice Tower Options

  • Earthing kits
  • Aircraft Warning Lights
  • Anti-Climb Systems
  • Intermediate footrests, or conventional rest platforms
  • Climbing Ladders with or without safety cage
  • Working platforms with open or solid floors
  • Latchways, Metreel, Railok, Cabloc or other fall arrester systems

We Plan

Site Acquisition & Planning Feasibility Survey & Preliminary Design Environmental impact assessment Shared Infrastructure Consultancy Geotechnical Surveys & Investigations

We Design

Detailed CAD Drawings Experienced Design Team

We Manufacture

Workmanship compliant with European Standards Galvanising to EN1461

We Install

Foundations construction Tower Installation & Certification Full Guarantee