Monopole Tower


Site One offers a range of standard monopole tower designs up to 55m and create custom designs, manufactured and supplied to European or EIA222 standards. Monopoles range from hollow steel poles, elegant camouflaged structures or to telescopic masts including trailer masts. Monopole towers are the least intrusive and by far the easiest types of broadcast tower to erect, commonly used in urban areas. Main uses include Radio Mobile Phone Masts, Radio Masts or Broadcast towers and increasingly more commonly for CCTV masts and PA Systems. For events we can provide the answer: We have a wide range of designs, all of which can be customised to suit your requirements, or we can design something unique for you.


Types Of Monopole Towers


Single Or Multi-Use Monopole Tower

We can configure our standard monopole towers for single use, or multi-use for site sharing, in a variety of finishes to meet with local planning consent. Each monopole designed and installed to include the options specified.


Camouflage Monopole Tower

To blend in with the surrounding environment, site one manufactures Camouflage Monopole Towers in the form of trees or flag poles.


Rapid Deployment Monopole Tower

For temporary or semi-permanent installations, assembled and readied for use, often within a day. Rapid Deploy Monopole Towers can be mounted using mini-piles without wet concrete foundations..


Trailer Masts (Extendable Monopole Towers)

We provide Trailer Masts (Monopole) to suit any (reasonable) requirement. We have a wide range of standard designs or design and manufacture a trailer mast to your specification.

Monopole Tower Features

  • Standard monopole designs up to 55m in height (custom designs for other heights)
  • Design to any of the widely used standards such as EIA 222, Eurocodes and CL7
  • Design, materials, and workmanship compliant with European or other Standards
  • Galvanising to EN 1461

Monopole Tower Options

  • Climbing ladder
  • – Tilting intermediate footrests
  • – Conventional rest platforms
  • – With or without a safety cage
  • Cable Ladders
  • Internally climbable monopoles
  • Anti-climb systems
  • Platforms and headframes
  • Latchways Monostep, Metreel sectional ladder, Soll or other temporary climbing systems
  • Latchways, Metreel, Railok, Cabloc or similar fall arrestor systems
  • A wide range of antenna mounts and antenna brackets to suit dish, sector, omni, and other antenna types
  • Earthing kits
  • Aircraft warning lights
  • Extendable configuration


Foundation designs can be supplied for standard structures, designed to customer or site-specific requirements.

We Plan

Site Acquisition & Planning Feasibility Survey & Preliminary Design Environmental impact assessment Shared Infrastructure Consultancy Geotechnical Surveys & Investigations

We Design

Detailed CAD Drawings Experienced Design Team

We Manufacture

Workmanship compliant with European Standards Galvanising to EN1461

We Install

Foundations construction Tower Installation & Certification Full Guarantee