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Site One Ltd is a well-established force in the UK masts and towers industry. We provide a broad portfolio of products and services to the telecoms, utility, public, military and sports sectors. 

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About Site One

Site One offers off-the-shelf products, however, if you need something unique, speak to us about mast and tower design. In some cases, we can adapt a product to fit your requirements, otherwise, we can design and manufacture custom solutions.

In addition to design and manufacture, our expert team can be relied on for planning advice, mast and tower installation, inspection and maintenance.   

These comprehensive services apply to temporary masts and permanent structures including free-standing Lattice TowersMonopolesTelescopic Masts and Trailer Masts. 

renowned manufacturer

Site One is a renowned mast and tower manufacturer, providing customers with cost-effective and innovative products backed by excellent service. We think ‘outside the box’ and challenge the accepted rules to gain improved functionality, without extra cost. Whatever your requirement, we have a solution.   


our unique solutions

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Lattice Towers

Lattice towers are a flexible solution for a variety of applications. Site One designs and manufactures custom lattice towers to your specification.

Telescopic Masts

Telescopic masts are quick to install and adjustable, so they can adapt to site-specific height requirements.


Monopoles are the least intrusive and easiest to erect type of mast. They are typically used in telecommunications to transmit and receive signals.

Trailer Masts

Trailer masts are self-contained, mobile mast solutions. They are towed into position.

top-tier advice

Whether you know exactly what you need or you’ve been asked to procure a solution, with no knowledge of the products, talk to us. We’re happy to advise on the most suitable products and for your requirements.


See what our satisfied customers have to say about our products and service. Discover why we’re trusted as the leading provider for superior, reliable and efficient solutions.

We were seeking a company that could provide mobile tall loudspeaker support structures of various types for sports events. We contacted Site One and were immediately impressed by the professional response, helpfulness and flexibility. The equipment was manufactured and delivered to a very tight schedule.

Sports Technology

I would like to thank you for a great job done in Edinburgh and also pass on the gratitude from the site facilities managers. They were not only very happy with the finished results, but also the manner in which the work was carried out and the way the team conducted themselves.

Sitenett Ltd

The team were fantastic and we would be delighted to work with them again!

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Your task, should you decide to accept ….

Your task, should you decide to accept ….

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you understand our solutions better. We’re committed to providing you with the information you need, ensuring a seamless experience with our products.

Yes, as a tower and mast manufacturer, we can provide a full service, including building the tower for you and constructing the foundation for the tower.  




Yes, we offer complete radio site construction for you. Typically, this will consist of a fence and gate, foundations for a cabin or cabinet, ducts for cables, the laying of a hard surface for vehicle access and the construction of a tower. We can also supply the cabin or cabinet. 

This depends on the size of the tower. Our estimate for a small tower (8 – 12m) is 2-3 weeks, however, a larger tower (40 – 50m) might take 8 – 10 weeks. These timescales will vary depending on the complexity of the tower and what other projects we are working on at the same time. We can advise on timings when preparing a quote for your requirements.  


We will typically construct the foundations and fence whilst the tower is being constructed, so when the tower is ready, we just need 1-5 days to build it to complete the job.  

Normally, you do need planning permission. The exception is if you have a special telecoms licence. 

We operate throughout the UK and Ireland. We have constructed masts, towers and sites from the Shetland Islands to the Channel Islands and all points in between.  


Give us a call and we will advise on the most suitable type of tower to meet your requirements. It’s useful to have some idea of what equipment you want to place on the tower and the height required, then we can advise on the rest. 

We normally use structural steel to construct towers. This is because it is readily available in many different shapes, is cost-effective and can be easily welded and fabricated. Aluminium can also be used. If you have specific requirements or questions, we will advise on the most suitable tower material. 

All parts of a tower are hot dip galvanised after fabrication. Galvanising provides excellent corrosion protection for towers; typically, it is 30+ years before tower maintenance is required.