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telescopic masts

Telescopic masts are quick to install and adjustable, so they can adapt to sitespecific height requirements. They are widely used in defence, security, broadcast and communications applications.  

Site One is a specialist telescopic mast supplier. We design, manufacture and install high-quality telescopic masts for temporary and semi-permanent requirements. In some situations, they are also ideal for permanent use. Our selection includes push-up, pneumatic and mechanical telescopic masts, in heights up to 30m. Matching supports include tripods and ballasted frames to guyed systems or trailers. 

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By providing the full service; consultancy, design, fabrication, delivery, installation and maintenance, we save you the trouble of coordinating multiple teams. You just need our number to get the job done. If required, we can build you a complete site, from foundations up. Whatever your lattice tower requirements, our experienced team will manage the entire process from start to finish. 

Winch Up Masts

Manufactured from square-section steel tubes and operated by a winch using a rope and pulley system. These are very rugged and reliable, with the capacity to support large headloads at a low cost compared to pneumatic masts. Heights up to 12m.  

Pneumatic Masts

Portable pneumatic masts are constructed from aluminium alloy with heights ranging from 5m to 40m. Smaller units can be extended with a foot or hand pump whilst larger units require a compressor.  

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mast accessories and supports

for telescopic masts

We supply accessories and supports to complete the mast installation. If you are unsure what you need, we are happy to advise.

mast accessories

Mast Supports


telescopic lattice masts

For permanent or semi-permanent installations, where a cost-effective telescopic unit up to 30m in height is required, we recommend telescopic lattice masts. Constructed in 4m – 6m long sections, our triangular lattice structures are fully welded and hot dip galvanised for strength & resilience.  

Telescopic lattice masts are supplied as ‘fixed vertical’ or ‘tilt to horizontal’ when retracted. Extending the mast is achieved by mechanical means using a winch operation with steel wire rope and pulleys. This results in a rugged and reliable solution. The winches are manual as standard, however, electric winches are an option.